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Is it time to test out the training wheels? Think again. Balance bikes are becoming the new way for kids to learn how to ride. There are several reasons balance bikes, like the Strider, have an edge over pedal bikes and training wheels. Let’s go over a few of the biggest reasons to choose a balance bike!

Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike Pink

Better Fit

Balance bikes, like the Strider 12 Classic, are made to fit kids who are as young as 18 months! The adjustable seat allows for years of height adjustment. Strider, for example, recommends the 12 Classic for kids 1-5 years old and hold up to 60 pounds. Having a good fit on a bike is everything. Just ask our in house bike fitter, George Mullen!

Lighter Weight

The lighter weight of balance bikes bike makes it much easier for kids to handle. This is means they will be able to ride for longer with less fatigue. A Strider 12 Classic weighs less than 7 pounds! Compare this with the weight of your average kids bike at 24 pounds!

Less Awkward

Balance bikes are less awkward for kids to ride, especially over uneven surfaces. Kids have the confidence of their feet on the ground and the ability to glide and balance when they feel ready. Rather than wobbling back and forth on training wheels, using their legs for balance creates a much smoother experience.

Start Younger

Balance bikes are an option for kids as young as 18 months! Plus, the Strider 12 Classic will last them up until roughly 5 years old or 60 pounds. Starting with a pedal bike and training wheels usually doesn’t happen until 3 years old.

Won’t Need Training Wheels

The feeling of being balanced on a balance bike will translate almost immediately to a pedal bike. By the time they are ready to transition to a pedal bike, they will be able to handle the weight and sizing of a regular kids bike, too!

We hope this article has you convinced to jump on the balance bike train! We have plenty of Strider Bikes in stock here at Peak Cycles, or shop online at!

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