How Often Should You Refresh Sealant?

Tire sealant makes the whole tubeless thing possible and in order to keep the system running smoothly, refreshing sealant is essential. But how often should you do it? There is no clear answer and after spending an hour researching various sources like GMBN, Stans, and Park Tool, we’ve boiled it down to make answering this question easier Here is what the experts have to say.


According to the YouTube channel, Global Mountain Bike Network, if you are using the bike a few times a week, the sealant should last the life of the tire. If you are leaving the bike in storage for a while, the sealant will dry up in about 4 months. We think this might be a stretch, especially living in a hot/dry climate like Colorado.


Stans recommends refreshing your sealant several times per year, about every 2-7 months depending on the climate you live in. Drier and hotter climates, like ours in Colorado, means refreshing sealant more often. Stans also recommends removing the tire once per year to inspect rim tape/wheel condition and clean out old sealant.

Park Tool

While Park Tool didn’t have a recommended time frame for changing sealant, they do have a nifty way for checking sealant level without removing the tire. Simply use a small zip tie, cut the tip off, and insert it through the valve stem. The ridges on the zip tie will hold sealant and you’ll be able to quickly check the sealant level without the hassle of taking off your tire!

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