Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2

Have you been curious about trying your hand in the cyclocross world? Hop aboard the #cxtrain with the Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2! This cyclocross racing machine features a super light carbon frame that’s handcrafted with an aggressive race geometry. Not many people know that Giant builds bikes for major brands including Trek, Scott, Santa Cruz, and Colnago. While they might not have the “cool” factor of other brands, their manufacturing capabilities lead the charge in the industry!


The Pro Advanced 2 comes stock with a SRAM Rival 1 drivetrain and hydraulic disk brakes, which is the Shimano equivalent to 105. The TCX Advanced Pro 2 is a high performance package at a sub $3500 price point. For those looking to get into cyclocross, this would be a great jump start. 



In fact, this was the bike of choice for / Peak Cycles athlete Rebecca Gross during her 2019-2020 Cyclocross season!

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