Bike Storage

Setting up a storage solution for your bikes can be a fun project or a daunting task depending on how much extra space you have and how easily accessible you want the bikes to be. Whether you have a house or an apartment, there is a bike storage solution out there for you. Keeping your bikes stored properly will help protect them from accidental damage, free up extra space, and keep things organized.


Apartment / In-Home Storage

No garage? No problem. Using the walls, ceiling, and floor will all work as potential bike storage. Keeping the bikes off the floor will free up the most space, so using wall-mounted hooks, racks, or bike pulleys are the best option. Looking to show off your bike? There are several decorative wall mounting options for your trusty steed. You may not be allowed to drill into the wall, so if that is the case using a free-standing bike rack will keep your bikes organized and reduce visual clutter in your room. There are many options for bike storage for apartments and small houses, and checking out or indoor/outdoor rack collection will help give you some creative ideas.


Garage Storage

Storing bikes in the garage can be a cluttered mess, but with dedicated bike stands or racks, it will look organized and clean. Here at Peak Cycles, we hang the bikes upside down from rubberized hooks. Alternating the direction of the bikes keeps the handlebars from hitting one another, and lets us hang 20+ bikes in a relatively small space. Hanging bikes vertically from hooks will take up more room, but getting them on and off is a bit easier than lifting them over your head. If you frequently work on your bike, why not choose storage that doubles as a repair station? Bike repair stands are a great way to keep your bike in top shape and store them in a secure location. The easiest option would be a parking rack, like the Saris Mighty Mite.

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