Christmas Gifts for Any Budget

Gifts under $50 

As a cyclist, it’s really great to get an upgrade on a bike where you can truly feel the difference. A new pair of grips or fresh bar tape does just that, plus it won’t break the bank! For mountain bikes, checkout Deity. The Supracush and Knuckleduster are both good options. So good in fact that Specialized has been putting them on their 2020 and 2021 bikes. For road bikers, there is no doubt that Lizard Skins makes the best bar tape in the game. While it is pricey at $40 + the cost of installation, it’s hard to deny the feel and quality. If you’re feeling adventurous and would like the wrap the bars yourself, check out this video from ParkTool on how to do it. Other great options would be the EDC Lite tool, water bottles, a tubeless tire plug kit, or a pair of cool socks

Gifts Under $100

For gifts in the $50-$100 price point, think outerwear. For road bikers, a new jersey from their favorite shop would be a great gift. Cyclists are often nostalgic and loyal to their local bike shops, so this purchase will feel good to them and support small businesses at the same time! Club Ride makes some sweet gear for mountain bikers that’s functional and looks good both on and off the bike. Check out some of their button-down shirts like the Motive or the New West.

Gifts Under $200

A new set of tires is a practical gift that will make any avid cyclist smile. Tires are wearable and eventually need to be changed but many cyclists will try and get every last bit of use of their tires before replacing them. Often times, much later than they probably should have. It’s all too easy to keep riding until a mountain bike tire starts to look like a road tire. To get the right ones, just sneak in the garage and see what tires they have on their bike and order those. Even if they don’t need them at this very moment, they eventually will. You might be surprised that tires would fall into this category, but that is the reality! High-end mountain bike tires run around $90 per tire! Another great gift could be a tuneup on their bike, a dropper seat post, or a deep tissue massage they can give themselves! 

Gifts Under $500-ish

Wow, you’re a big spender! With a budget like this, there are many great options to choose from but a cycling computer is a gift that will make anyone grin. Our top-selling is the Garmin 1030. This would be best suited for a road biker because it comes packed with features like real-time data including speed, distance, and cadence. Plus it provides great directions and routes for easy navigation and will record the ride every time they go out. It can also be used alongside the Garmin Varia taillight which is an incredibly powerful safety feature to add to any bike. This smart taillight monitors cars approaching from the rear and displays this information on the computer screen. As cars approach the light will blink faster and shine brighter to make the cyclist that much more visible.

Gifts $1000 and Up

Ok, now you’re starting to enter new bike territory. The best thing to do here would be to call the shop and talk bikes with us. We have great deals on 2020 bikes like these Custom Stimpjumpers, e-Bikes, and more. You can see some of our inventory online at, but we’ve got more here in the store. Check out our recent blog post that details some of the newest bikes we’ve received at Peak Cycles. Give us a call at (303)216-1616 to discuss more options, here what we have in stock, or just talk to someone other than your quaranteam. 

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