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Happy Thanksgiving from

Ah, we all love Thanksgiving – a day to eat turkey, watch football, and give personal thanks for the fortunes of the year. It is also an opportunity to reflect and give thanks for our most enjoyable pastime – cycling! This Thanksgiving, it’s important to celebrate the many joys of cycling. Whether that is the social aspect of bike riding or the fitness and performance gains the sport provides.

At Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we are grateful  for our customers and the love of the sport itself. One of the best ways we demonstrate our gratitude at Thanksgiving is by having our Black Friday sale. Our Black Friday sale it is your chance to cash in on bike components, cycling apparel, bike parts, and all sorts of bike goodies.  Here’s how to make the most of it!

Start small and go for the usual suspects for stocking stuffers including multi tools, tubes, bottles, socks, head warmers, arm warmers, shoe covers, gloves, lube, energy bars, gels, chews and similar items. Add these to your wish list or invite family and friends to purchase them for you. You can never have too many of these items, so indulge! 

Next, evaluate what is missing in your cycling program.  Are you in need of new cycling apparel?  As in jerseys, layering options, or cycling shoes. What about your bike?  Do you need new bike parts?  And, don’t forget about nutrition and supplements!  Now’s the time time to select the cycling accessories and other much needed items that you would like to see show up under the tree.

Yet, let’s not forget for a moment that holiday wish lists and making the most of Black Friday is all about what you need, right?  Isn’t it about dreaming big? Which training elements would you love to have, but don’t?  A new heart rate monitor? Or a power meter?  The main idea behind using cycling training tools is to dial in training to optimize performance as it relates to specific goals and objectives. Our post, The Best Training Aids to Launch into Spring Cycling, dives into the benefits of training with power. As for which power meter to purchase, consider our most popular one, Stages Power Meters, beginning at $1000. Stages Power meter is the lightest, smallest, most technologically advanced unit available today.  Another option is the Pioneer Power Meter offered at $2000 and is a bit more sophisticated.  A third option is a company that’s been around for a while now – PowerTap Power Meter.

Don’t stop there! Drop the hammer and make your wish list epic! Go big! Get a new road bikemountain bike, or fat bike!  Great road bicycles don’t have to come at a hefty price tag either.  

Take advantage of our Black Friday sale for up to 60% off. Remember, at, we offer a huge selection of road bike parts, mountain bike parts, BMX bike parts and more. If you need it for your bike, then we have it! Because we sell our bicycle parts online, we are able to help customers all over the world helping them.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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