How To do a Cycling Year End Review

Review Training Performance

It’s that time of year when most are winding down from the season and with the upcoming holiday, you may find yourself reflecting on the past season. It’s easy to focus on super big accomplishments or even disappointments and wonder what went wrong but stepping back from individual races or events, it’s important to evaluate the season from a high level.

In doing so, it’s somewhat like doing a year end cycling review. Examine questions like, What makes a successful cycling season? It is having a good coach? Having a really fast bike? Having the right bike parts for each race or event? Overall, how do you feel about your performance. Do you feel good or are you feeling some disappointment?

How you reflect upon the past year has some bearing as to how you plan for the coming year. A cycling year end review offers insights to truly optimize your training and racing regimen. Following are the questions you want to ask yourself:

  • What goals did you achieve this past season? Reflecting back on your SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound) how did you do? Avoid ambiguity and be specific. For example, what was the highlight of your season (for example, best race or greatest accomplishment)? Why?
  • What was your greatest disappointment? Why?
  • Review your top three goals for this season. Do you feel these were achieved?
  • What did you do in training this season that you feel made you faster?
  • Did you experiment with your bike setup and bike parts? What worked and what didn’t work?
  • What did you do in training this season that you feel was not productive?
  • If you could change your training, mental preparation, or race tactics/strategy this past season, what would you do differently?
  • Was there anything missing in your training this season?
  • Do you feel that you trained enough and worked hard enough in training this season?
  • Do you feel that you had adequate rest during training and before races?

Evaluating goals and cycling performance is a good thing. Use these questions to identify the steps you must take to achieve your goals next season. After all, there’s reward in pushing yourself, gaining new skills, getting faster, and staying fit. A cycling year end review can expose what you can improve upon from this past year, as well as, identify your strengths to build upon going into the next year.

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