The Ultimate Cyclocross Resource

While the cross country mountain bike and road bike race seasons may be winding down, the cyclocross race season is just starting. After finishing a full cycling season, you might wonder –  why continue racing?

Cyclocross is a wonderful way for road cyclists and mountain bikers to extend their competitive seasons and get a head-start on training for next season. The intensity of cyclocross racing provides a training stimulus that is very difficult to replicate with standard interval training during the fall and winter, especially as the temperatures fall and athletes turn primarily to indoor cycling.

When you think of it, the fall season is a great time for experimentation. It can be a great opportunity to get test out new bike parts or even a new cyclocross bike! With that said, if you are new to cyclocross, you’ll enjoy all the resources we have at Peak Cycles and

So why wait? Join in the cyclocross fun! Stop by Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, Colorado to pick out your bike parts and cycling accessories for your cross season!

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