Bicycle Racing in the Colorado Front Range Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating – Here’s Why

front range cyclingWith countless mountain bike trails and exquisite road rides available throughout the state of Colorado, it’s no wonder the state boasts of high percentage of recreational cyclist. Many enjoy the joys of recreational cycling yet some yearn to challenge themselves a bit more and begin to explore ideas of racing road bicycles and mountain bikes.

The idea at first is exciting!  But not long after, questions emerge and sometimes the idea of stepping out from recreational riding to racing can seem a tad intimidating.  Some cyclist making the transition struggle to find a network for training and racing.  Whereas others just can’t seem to find the answers they are looking for to help them make that jump.

Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop staff helps answers questions related to the best bike parts for different race venues.  We’ll help get your bike in order prior to racing with a proper bike fit as well as any bicycle maintenance needed before or after your event.  We even take it a step further!  We have a local group ride to support camaraderie and training and we also support several local race teams. One in particular, Twin Peaks Racing, is the ideal solution for a cyclist taking that first step towards racing.

Twin Peaks Racing is the Colorado front-range racing team for the average joe. Known for its “laid-back culture” and “grass-roots bicycle racing,” the team aims to give cycling enthusiasts of all abilities an outlet for bike racing.  The group was found in 1986 and is made up of a group of about 40 men and women.  During the 2014 race season, the team competed in 31 races and had 96 individual finished. 40 of those finishes were ranked among the top 10 finishes and 25 ranked within the top 5. In 2015, the team has already seen 3 top ten finishes by Omar Dickson, Mark Mortell, and Jeff Warner.

If you have ever wondered if bicycle racing is for you, this team would be the best next step in moving towards those racing goals.  Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop is proud to support Twin Peaks Racing with bike parts and the cycling accessories they need for the 2015 season.  You can stay up to date with Twin Peak races on their website  or on their Facebook page. With a great team like Twin Peaks Racing, it’s easy to make the jump from recreational riding to racing!

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