Woodward Closed

Golden has recently received a new bike park which has been a sweet addition to all the great places to ride on the Front Fange.  I look forward to riding it this spring and summer.  However, living in Colorado does mean we do get snow and the trails are muddy and unridable a couple months through the year.  For those snowy winter days, I have been relying on WoodWard Indoor Skate Park at the Colorado Mills Mall to help me deal with the cold.


I am sad to share the following information…. As of Decemeber 20, Woodward Denver is closed.  From PlussizeBMX.com

The Woodward Denver Skatepark has closed down. I just got word this evening of its demise. Leaving Denver without an indoor place to ride through the winter. The park, which was no longer connnected to the real Woodward camp properties, has been experiencing financial difficulties for a while. No plan is in place yet for the space or the ramps. Stay tuned for updates… Its gonna be a long winter…

RIP Woodward

RIP Woodward

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