Breck Tour

Parker checking out the wildflowers

Parker tripping out on the wildflowers

To start this past holiday weekend, Jason K took Parker and I on a little ride around Breckenridge Friday afternoon.  The Firecracker 50 was happening the next day, with the Breck Epic starting a day after that.  So, I was a nice way to check out some of the trails all the guys will be racing on for the next week.  We started at J’s house, headed out on the Flume Trails, then over to the Dredge and up the Colorado Trail, then we crossed over the highway and headed back to Breckenridge on the Peaks trail.  We missed a couple of rain storms but got to enjoy the leftover water and mud.  It was nice to get out and ride new dirt with some good friends!  I hope everyone else had a great weekend!photo

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