Free Ride

While all my friends are out enjoying a nice weekend ride, I am sitting in my Masters in Technology in Education class working on an assignment.  We are to review and ‘interactive’ website, which is a fancy way to say ‘educational game’.  I was reviewing an interactive math website and came across this fun little activity, Free Ride. It is aimed at middle school students and focuses on gear ratios.  You pick different front rings and rear cogs to created different gear ratios to travel specific distances to collect the five flags on different routes  My first thought is all my nerdy single speed and fixie friends would kick butt at this game because all I ever hear from them on a ride is tooth numbers and gear ratios!  😉 Choose a Route and see how well you really know how all those gears get you up the mountain!

P.S. Before the 29r fans yell at me, I know that wheel diameter affects rolling distance… relax, it is just a game for 13 year olds!Free Ride

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