Crashes of Years Past – Update

Back in January, I gathered all the biking crash and scar photos from my friends and posted them in a photo blog, Crashes of Year Past.  I pulled them together to remind all of us that for all the miles and the years we have been riding, we do crash, but we always make it back home safe.  Well, relatively safe!  😉

Here is Mitch Westall’s submission to “Crashes of Years Past” .

Mitch Westall had a crash in July while out on riding his favorite trail, Indian Creek, that almost cost him his life…  here are 2 photos and his quick story….mitch-in-ccu-2

I started riding in late August with the neck brace on.  My doctor said I could ride Mid-Sept., I was racing 3 days later.

It was a C1 break (titanium car bolt in the neck), T9 compression, and the TBI.

 I think the 70 stiches to the face,  the hellicopter ride, and the $110,000 medical bill will top the list.

Did you ever hear that the death alarm kept going off because my resting heart rate was too low — in the 40’s.

After that accident, I don’t think my resting heart rate has been below 60, but I’m working on it.


One Response to Crashes of Years Past – Update

  1. Colin M says:

    We are all so glad that you are still with us Mitch.

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