Crashes of Years Past

2008 was a hard year,  3 friends past away and 6 friends went to the ER.  It seemed like every month I was harshly reminded how precious and fragile life is.  It got me thinking about this sport we love and all the times we actually do make it home safe.  Sometimes the trip home is a little bloody, but we do get back safe to ride another day.  Here is a photo essay with evidence of crashes, diggers, slams, and other weird injuries from biking!  Ride safe in the New Year! – jesse swift

2 Responses to Crashes of Years Past

  1. Colin says:

    wow, after seeing this you really wonder, what the hell was I thinking when I quit football for a “less abusive sport”. Oh and that sunburn wasn’t too bad.

  2. […] I gathered all the biking crash and scar photos from my friends and posted them in a photo blog, Crashes of Year Past.  I pulled them together to remind all of us that for all the miles and the years we have been […]

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