Command Seatpost

I got a Maverick Speedball adjustable seatpost about 2 years ago and fell in LOVE with it from that first ride!  It was awesome to lower the post so effortlessly at any moment I wanted.  It came in very hand on those steep descents on the Long Horn trail at White Ranch.  I was riding a lot with a friend who would adjust his seatpost lower on EVERY decent (you know who you are) and we would have to stop and wait for him to undo his QR and seat the post, then wait at the end of the descent for him to raise his post again.  This happened so often his black seatpost was turning silver from all the “ups and downs” in the seat tube.  I told him repeatedly to get a Speedball and finally he broke down and got some cash together to buy one, but… Maverick had sold the design to Crank Brothers.  It seems like people were finally understanding what a great product it is!  Now, Specialized has gone forward with a similar looking adjustable seatpost called the “Command” seatpost!  Now all they need to do is make a 27.2mm seat post size!


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