Breck Epic – Update

The Breck Epic website was recently update with pricing information!!!!

  • The RACE: just under $1000/person. This actually includes quite a bit – swag, on-course support, bike storage, banquet tickie and on-course food…the usual suspects.
  • Camping: around $200 for solos (2-person tent plus one pad) and $250 for teams (4-person tent and 2 pads). Only our tents will be allowed for camping. Absolutely no exceptions. We’ll work out a different rate for RV’s, but we’re not likely to have hook-ups or power available for the jet-set camping crew. That’s not to suggest that you can’t bring them – you can. We’ll have great spots for you, but it’s also not a KOA campground. Camping fees include parking for your car, garbage and recycling service and a handful of other goodies.
  • Meal Plan: just over $300. If you haven’t seen the menu you should absolutely check it out (there’s a link to the right where you can access it.) The food is over the top.
  • Additional banquet tickets: @ $4o

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