Winter Park – Super D

WP - Super D - Jesse Swift 


WP - Super D - Jesse Swift


Bill, Chad, Tate and I headed up for the 1st ‘official’ Winter Park Super D this past Sunday.  The course was very similar to last years Crankworx Super D, so that was comforting.  And, we were excited to have a Super D that was longer then 7mins, (Snowmass SD)!  Having flatted at the last 2 Super D races this year, I was eager to get out and do well.  The gun went off, and the run was nice and short, but there was a short fire road climb to the single track.  I got into the twisty trail first and was exhausted from the sprint to the trail.  2nd was breathing down my neck and passed me on the fire road climb about 1/2 down.  At the climb just near the finish, I looked back and saw a blue and white jersey chasing me down.  It end up being my BC Bike Race partner, Tate!  It was awesome to finish with him right there!  It was a great race with lots of Support!  Tates father, brother and son were up there cheering, as well as Jessica, Matt, Sue and newborn, Hailey!  
Check out the write up about the inaugural Winter Park Super D! 
I am looking forward to see what Winter Park puts together for the Crankworx Super D and the ‘All Mountain Super Downhill’! – Jesse Swift

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