Winter Park – Point to Point


WP - Pro XC Podium - Micah

WP - Pro XC Podium - Micah

This week’s Winter Park XC race started by climbing Turnpike, a super steep service road, before jumping into an amazing singletrack decent. Doug Ryden and Michael Mathers pushed the pace from the start. 
Five riders had a 30 sec. gap going into the singletrack. By the time we started climbing again, there were four of us attacking each other for the lead. I exited Blue Sky in the lead, with Doug and Michael right behind. We worked together on the next “road section”. More beautiful singletrack and steep climbs followed, along with a screaming fast service road decent.  In the end Doug, Matthew and I finished within 30 seconds. Good work guys!


Tate is finding his form after racing the BC race. Talk about a totally different race format! He’s transitioning from five hour epic race days to 1 hour slug fests!
Brendan put in an incredible time to finish his first race of the season in first place! To clarify; yes, it was his first race of the season . . . and yes, he did win. Great job.
This weekend was also Winter Park’s First Super D race. (HOW’D SUPER D GO JESSE?)
Congrats to everyone representing our team last weekend.  – Micah Joseph


WP - XC  - Micah

WP - XC - Micah

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