2008 Durango South Rim Duathlon

The 2008 Durango South Rim Duathlon is hosted by Durango Parks and Rec. This year it consisted of a kids race, short course and  long course.

The short course included a 2.5 mile run and a 6 mile bike section. The long course consisted of a 6 mile run and 18 miles of mountain biking (3 laps of the 6 mile run course).

The course was along the South Rim trail, a part of the greater Telegraph Trail System built by Trails 2000 and included fun twisty singletrack, short climbs (longest at 4 minutes) and one long muddy downhill down the Big Canyon trail.

We finished up 2nd in the 35 under team category with a 2:12, about 3.5 minutes out of first.

Overall Race Results:

Dan Ourada won the 19-34 age group (2:01.17).

Shonny Vanlandingham won the women’s (2:07:23). Kristin Danielson was second (2:29:30).

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