2008 Alien Run MTB race

I survived the 2008 super sandy Alien Run, ended up 6th. It was not pretty. i ended up with a flat tire on the back side of the Alien course, caused by running over a few too many cacti in a dizzy anaerobic state. My Big Air cartridge came through and allowed me to fill up 3X to make it home.  Travis B took the pro class win with Zach Shriver in a close 2nd. $30 still gets you a race entry, t-shirt and a bar-b-que lunch, old school mountain bike style. More races should be managed like the Alien Run. ms


The “Alien Run at Hart Canyon” is a mountain bike trail that was developed by private citizens, Al & Deral Saiz along with two other brothers and various friends, all residents of Aztec. The trail was designed in response to the Friends of the Aztec Library’s call for a mountain bike rally as a possible fund-raiser during Aztec UFO99. These brothers responded to that call and designed the trail that circles the “alleged” crash site in Hart Canyon and is located on BLM Land . A special use permit was applied for but the proper studies that needed to be done for BLM clearance had not been done.  The July 2000 issue of New Mexico Magazine, featured a story on the trail as well as the local paper, The Daily Times. There have been inquiries from as far away as Hawaii , New York , and Montana , who accessed this information via the Aztec Library’s Web Page



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