To Hell U Ride – XC

So, moving up to Pro and Semi Pro is nice! You gotta pay your dues as a sport racer with those early start times. As you move up, the later start times are sweet because you get to sleep in, take your time getting ready and can eat breakfast at a reasonable time. Normally I would be very excited about the 1:00pm start, but with the recent afternoon showers, I knew during todays race we were going to get wet! I wasn’t too excited about the clouds rolling in, plus the XC course in Telluride is steep! Colin Osborn, Matt Unger, Brian Laiho and I represented the team in the 20 or so pros at the start line. We ended up getting about 2 laps done before the rain came in. It was nasty out there as my wheels started slipping on the start of the 3rd climb. I thought the race organizers were going to call the race after that 3rd lap, so I attacked on the climb. I moved up from 6th to 3rd by the end of that lap and came through the start/finish sopping wet, hoping to be done, but as I rolled through, I heard the announcer say “You got one more lap!” In the end, I was able to hold that position through the last lap in the rain. I was pretty excited to place 3rd at such a hard, nasty race, but even more happy team mates Matt and Colin stuck out the rain and mud to finish 5th and 6th! I got hosed down like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, then put on some dry clothes just in time to get back on the bike for the Super D race that was starting in about an hour… Be sure to check the Telluride photo album for all the dirty picts! – Jesse

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