Winter Park – Point to Point by Colin Mckernan

The 4th race in the Winter Park series was another good one for Team GoFast/ The singlespeeders were in almost full force as some brave souls were crushing the field over at the Silver Rush 50 in Leadville. Nevertheless, myself, Mohawk Matt, and fellow teammate Brian Chimeleski led the pack up the main climb to the singletrack descent. Just before we dropped in Mohawk Matt dropped a ten-spot out of his jersey pocket, so I slowed the speed down a little so he can catch back up. That’s how we do in the singlespeed circle. I took over the lead from Brian when he decided to walk a steep section of climbing. Once I had that lead I just kept the pedals turning at a nice pace. It was then that I realized that the fit that I received from Nat Ross over at really paid off. I was motoring on sections that I had struggled with two weeks before. It wasn’t until about two miles from the finish that Matt and Brian caught back up to me with their 29er bikes. I knew they had the momentum advantage on the flatter sections of the course near the end of the race. After giving up the lead for a moment I got jiggy with the bike handling skills and dropped the bigged wheel boys. At the finish I watched as Matt and Brian battled for second with a sprint finish. The Mohawk took it away from Brian but we had two GoFast/ guys on the podium! – Colin

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