Dear Readers,

    Its a funny thing this world of ours.  You can travel thousands of miles to different countries, different continents and find and meet people that you practically know.  I was getting ready to go for another amazing base ride the other day and I happened upon and american gentleman who asked me if I rode and of course I said "yes" as I straddled my gleaming steed wearing my state of the art slipstream riding apparel. Little did I know that come to find out this kid races in the junior class at the NORBA Nationals and we practically knew each other. Fast forward to this weekend and we went on the "Super Euro Base Ride". And by super Euro I mean to say that we found this little road, that climbed up through this little mountain town in the Sierra Nevadas.  The road was single lane newly paved with no guard rails and upwards of 6000ft of climbing.  Base here in the Sierras is a bit different than in the states because it seems that the only roads that are suitable for ridingSuper_euro_ride_thing_stuff_015  have massive climbs in them.  TOO BAD!!!!! haha.  Anyway here are some photos of me and my new friend Kirk having a nice day at the office…..Super_euro_ride_thing_stuff_003 Super_euro_ride_thing_stuff_009


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