Base in Europe

Dscf0949 Welcome Readers,…

    What do you get when you mix 2 parts Flamenco, 1 part Paella, and 3 parts Roadbike.  You get base training in the winter monthes in a southern city in Spain called Granada.  Granada is a historic moorish city at the base of the somewhat majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains at the bottom of the Iberian Peninsula.  Base here in Granada consists of some really scenic highways and byways that snake in and around lakes, dams, valleys and plateaus.  The Spainish riders here are friendly, but only to a point it seems.  Since they have weather here that is nice enough to ride all season they seem to know that they are fit and you are not so any hopes of trying to show them what americans are made of, seem to shatter at the site of their gleaming legs and custom carbon orbeas.  The riding here is a way of life.  The young and the old, the fast and the well, not so fast, all ride here in Granada.  Old men on "walmart" bikes with no helmets are often seen huffing and puffing up the pass of La Peza while "Team Andalucia" can actually not be seen whizzing by you at who knows how many "Kph" back down towards Granada itself.  For the cyclists in all of you, the wonderful consortum of unknown and wellknown "Euro" bikes here would want to make you want to stop reading and call for your new bike right now.  As for me personally, its really nice to feel like I could maybe be getting fit in one of the most well known countries on earth for cycling.  Granada is a wonderful place to ride and I would suggest to anyone if they had the chance to come that they do so as soon as possible.  Until next time…

Tyler "In Granada" Henderson


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