How to Dress for Winter Cycling – Video

October 24, 2013

How to choose winter cycling apparel?  It’s hard to know what to wear what to wear when it’s 50 degrees and sunny outside
versus 30 – 35 degrees and cloudy.  Winter riding can be a challenge!  But, with clothing that is versatile, lightweight, and easy to pack down, you can find a winter cycling wardrobe that works for you.

  • What to wear in different weather conditions?
  • Why waterproof and wind resistant clothing matters?
  • What pieces of cycling apparel are necessities: Shorts? Leggings? Arm warmers? Knee warmers? Scull cap?
  • When do you wear fleece lined clothing?  Base layers?

Depending on the type of ride, the duration of your ride, and the elements, your clothing options make the difference between a suffer fest or a great ride. We can help you at for your winter clothing needs.