Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a Family Bike Ride 

November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from BikeParts.com

Thanksgiving Day – a day to express an attitude of gratitude and appreciation to our friends, families, neighbors and all of our dear ones. The holiday rituals focus us on the highest aspects of ourselves. Coming from a sprit of generosity and appreciation, the day seems to glimmer with a magical, holiday energy.  

Similar to the magical energy of the holiday, a bike ride creates a certain magic too. Bike riding provides the space and time apart from the pulls and tugs of work, stress, and technology. The ride itself provides both a time in which to pay attention to gratitude and the many things for which to feel thankful. Fortunately, there are hidden blessings in feeling gratitude. According to the post, Thank You. No, Thank you, “adults who frequently feel grateful have more energy, more optimism, more social connections and more happiness than those who do not.”   As today is Thanksgiving Day, express an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for how your cycling commitment enhances the quality of your life by inviting your family to join you in a family bike ride.  

While the day may be filled with other festivities, a quick family ride can bring a much needed break from the stress of cooking and preparation. Before heading out, plan a short destination ride or round trip ride that all in the family can do with ease.  You don’t want to over reach on distance. Also, be mindful of the time of day. Too hot or too cold of temperatures can adversely affect the comfort of the ride.  Put a little planning into your route with stopping points and you may find it keeps enthusiasm high and the overall ride more enjoyable.

You can help your kids feel more excited by making sure everyone in your family has gear that fits. This means both a bike and a helmet.  Kids love clothes, gear, and bike parts too! Dress your kids for cycling success. Same goes for Mom! Every woman wants to ride in style. If you are celebrating your day at a nearby relative’s house, consider riding to and from the party as a family.  Perhaps theme your family ride and make a new tradition out of it.  As you ride, share what you are thankful for and count your blessings with each pedal stroke. Be creative and invoke a deep feeling of gratitude that carries you and your family through the whole day long. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, all of us at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop would like to share our gratitude to our staff, customers, racers, race teams, and all the passionate cyclist sharing the joy our two wheeled friends bring us.  Happy Thanksgiving!