At the 2006 Tour Cadel Evans had one fan

October 22, 2009

Cadel's single fan at the 2006 TDF

Cadel's single fan at the 2006 TDF

Cadel is not exactly the most popular guy, but it does take dedicated fan to haul around a plywood kangaroo on a stick to all the mountain stages. She probably had to get a bigger rental car just so she could haul around her sign. Back in the DBR days (Diamond Back Racing, alternatively know as D*ck Breath Racing), Jimi K and Cadel used to go at it. After training at the course, Cadel would lay on his bed looking at the ceiling “recovering” for hours while the rest of the team was destroying rental cars, throwing firecrackers at each other, playing golf, etc. I guess that is why Cadel is World Champ now…and he may have a couple more fans since he won the worlds.


How much for one of those Lions?

October 20, 2009
A Landis Lion from the 2006 Tour De France

A Lion from the 2006 Tour De France

Cost of a Lion: 15-20k miles training per year for 15+ years, complete & total dedication to the sport, extreme analytical analysis of training and performance data with the goal of never-ending continuous improvement, 300+ sleepless nights in a homemade altitude tent, a total life commitment to the single goal of mastering the toughest race on the planet.