Trek + Obey

May 13, 2011

Being a big fan of street art, I was excited to see that Shepard Fairy teamed up with Trek again to create a custom Radio Shack team bike for the Tour of California.

America by bike

May 12, 2011

Bike assisted graffiti

May 10, 2011

Other things you can do with bikes…

Bike Wheel Animation

May 8, 2011

Other things you can do with a bike wheel…

Unicycle Trials

May 5, 2011

Golden Represent!!!!

Pump Track

May 2, 2011

The PumpTrack at 2010 Sea Otter Classic

Wife Friendly Pump Track

April 14, 2011

Me and my bike

March 23, 2011

Louiseville with PSBMX

March 9, 2011

Another one from Shelby… Louiseville with PSBMX

Gunbarrel in the Limelight

March 8, 2011

Golden rider, Shelby Smith, headed up to Boulder and made a nice video of the hard work and sick riding happening at Gunbarrel!

In The Limelight

In The Limelight by Shelby Smith

Golden Bike Park Pump Track

March 3, 2011

Its February and March and we are riding dirt!  Awesome!!!!!

CBS4 at Peak Cycles

February 16, 2011

Ben T spoke this evening with CBS4 about Lance Armstrong’s recent retirement announcement and the effect on this summers Quiznos Pro Challenge road race in Colorado. Looking good Ben!

Bicycle Right!!

February 6, 2011

Big Wheel Downhill #2

November 27, 2010

WE headed back to Flagstaff Road to get our 3 wheel motion on!

Golden Bike Park Opening: The Movie

November 20, 2010

Winter Park Super D

July 25, 2010

I’m just glad nothing is broken.  I’m sore as a mofo today

Colin M

Get Dirty

July 21, 2010

Remember MC Spandex’s hipster bashing hit from last summer, Performance?  Well, he’s got a new one for the ’10!  Check out “Get Dirty”…

“Never slowin down, spreading mud like butter, I got the 50 pound rig with the three oh knobby rubber!”

Why is this roadies saddle so low?

June 17, 2010

I have riden the road quite a bit, and spent a bunch of years on the trials bike, but I never…

The Birth of Big Air

June 4, 2010

Along the lines with other sports history documentaries like Dog Town and Riding Giants, finally one about freestyle BMX and Matt Hoffman…. The Birth of Big Air!  After watching this trailer, I can’t wait to check this film out….


May 19, 2010

Check out this documentary video called “Scrapertown” about kids in Oakland tricking out their bike…  Its inspiring to see kids out being creative and positive!  Reminds me of the ‘boom bike” trend happenin on the east coast.  Hopefully this wont erupt into a east coast vs west coast bike beef!

The Scraper bike King

The Scraper Bike King