Urban Art finds its way onto Lances bikes

For the Giro d’Italia, Lance had several of his bikes redone by current artists.  Being a fan of graffiti and urban art, I was stoked to see Kaws and Shepard Fairey (best known for his Obama and Obey work) getting their work put on a new medium.  The bikes are now traveling with The Lance Armstrong Stages art exhibitions that are going to be starting this summer.

Kaws Madone – based on this “blitz” character



armstrong-kawsShepard Fairey Madone

armstrong-farieyShepard Fairey – Ionos Helmet


One Response to Urban Art finds its way onto Lances bikes

  1. […] a big fan of street art, I was excited to see that Shepard Fairy teamed up with Trek again to create a custom Radio Shack […]

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