Introducing the 2022 Specialized Turbo Levo Pro: The Ultimate e-MTB Experience

The Ultimate e-MTB

At the heart of the Levo Pro is the Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor and MasterMind Turbo Control Unit (TCU), which work together to provide an unprecedented level of ride quality, usable power, and range. The motor delivers an incredible 90 Nm of torque and 565 watts of power, which is amplified by the TCU to provide up to 4x your own power output. This means you can ride more trails and explore farther than ever before, all while enjoying a smooth and seamless ride quality.

40 Years Of Innovation

If you’re looking for the ultimate e-MTB experience, then the 2022 Specialized Turbo Levo Pro might just be the bike for you. This bike represents the culmination of 40 years of innovation and obsession with creating the world’s best-riding mountain bikes, and it shows in every aspect of the Levo Pro’s design.

Long Range And Suspension

But it’s not just about power and range – the Levo Pro also boasts 150mm of custom-tuned rear suspension and adjustable geometry that delivers a stable and natural ride like no other. And with the hand-built Roval Traverse Carbon wheelset, you can be sure that you’re getting a top-of-the-line ride that’s built to last.

Specialized Ride App

One of the standout features of the Levo Pro is the MasterMind Turbo Control Unit, which acts as your information hub and allows you to customize your ride experience. You can view the exact percentage of battery level, adjust power delivery in 10% increments with the MicroTune function, and even track your ride stats using the Specialized Ride App. This level of customization means that you can fine-tune your ride to exactly the level of support you need, whether you’re hitting steep climbs or technical descents.

SRAM X01 Eagle

In terms of components, the Levo Pro is also an impressive bike. It features a SRAM X01 Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, which provides smooth and precise shifting even under heavy loads. The bike is also equipped with feature-packed FOX Factory suspension, which ensures a smooth and controlled ride over any terrain.

Overall, the 2022 Specialized Turbo Levo Pro is an impressive bike that delivers on every level. With its unmatched power, range, and ride quality, it’s the ultimate e-MTB experience for anyone who wants to explore more trails and push their limits.


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