Is Kashima Worth It?

You might be in the market for a new bike and couldn’t help but notice the shiny gold coating on high-end fox suspension. Kashima coating comes on only the best Fox Suspension and these only come on the nicest bikes. Is the hype and added cost worth it, or is Kashima coding just a marketing gimmick?

According to this article from “The gold Kashima Coat was first introduced on Fox Racing Shox forks in 2011. Developed by the Japanese Miyaki Company and used exclusively in the bike industry by Fox, Kashima Coat is an anodised layer of molybdenum disulphide imbedded into the surface of an alloy. This provides enhanced lubrication and a harder wearing surface, increasing shock smoothness and sensitivity.”

After polling a group of 20 mountain bikers, 95% agree that Kashima is not worth it. The performance increase is marginal at best and the technology on high-end suspension like the performance elite line from Fox, are virtually the same. Most agreed that when it comes down to it, the added cost for Kashima alone is not worth it.

For a detailed review on whether Kashima is worth it, check out this video from GMBN. The top YouTube comment reads “Kashima makes you feel superior to other riders, therefore, justifying spending your kids inheritance.” Skip to 13:50 to get into the Kashima discussion!


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