Cannibal Grid Gravity | Brand New DH Tire From Specialized

Gone are the days that the Specialized Gravity team runs Maxxis tires with the logos sharpied out. Having steered away from developing a true downhill tire for years, Specialized took advice from Loïc Bruni, Finn Iles, and Chris Grice to re-develop the Cannibal, which first hit the market in the 90’s . According to, though the official launch just happened, the tire was seen on the Specialized Demos of all of the abovementioned racers at Lourdes back in March, where Finn and Loic placed 2nd and 3rd respectively – not bad for a first outing. 

Specialized completely redesigned the Cannibal tread pattern, integrating the super-sticky GRIPTON® T9 compound with a high-volume casing that makes for a damp and tacky ride, while providing maximum grip and control. Staggered shoulder blocks maximize cornering stability, and large center braking blocks bite aggressively into the ground for enhanced braking performance. Engineered to the design specifications of Specialized Gravity riders, the Cannibal balances weight and durability with GRID Gravity casing for Enduro, Downhill, and Park riding.

  • High-volume casing and staggered shoulder blocks for predictable high-speed cornering.
  • Re-designed center knobs and siping form strong surface connections.
  • Wide braking edges and massive center blocks cut in for maximum deceleration.
  • GRIPTON® T9 compound reduces terrain-induced chatter, enhancing confidence at warp speeds.
  • Compliant and adaptable GRID GRAVITY 2-ply casing construction is ideal for Enduro, Park, and Downhill riding.
  • 2Bliss Ready technology protects against pinch flats, cuts, and punctures.

From what we have read in the reviews, the Cannibal performs best a high speeds and aggressive riding conditions. Unless you are an aggressive rider, downhill racer, or fit somewhere on that end of the spectrum, it is probably best to stick with the Specialized Butcher!

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