Should You Support Your Local Bike Shop?

“The bike shop “stink eye” is what keeps me away from most local shops. I just love feeling uncomfortable and looked down on when I walk into your establishment. Somehow this is NOT a rare thing. The shops that treat people right will always win, because we will always need them!”

This was the most liked comment on a video about Local Bike Shops from Berm Peak (formerly known as Set’s Bike Hacks). Comments like these ring true for many, even those that work in the bike industry. It is a stereotype that has stuck with bike shops at large. It will be hard to shake. This “stink eye” is actually what sparked John to start Peak Cycles in the first place.


Friendliness goes a long way these days. If you have enjoyed coming into our shop, we would love to hear about it. You can do so by leaving us a review on our Google Profile here! In the mean time, we hope you enjoy this video from Berm Peak.

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