Bum Bag | Hip Bag | Fanny Pack

Plenty of riders are ditching their backpacks for a more comfortable option they can strap around their waist. Yes, the fanny pack has taken the mountain biking world by storm. But why? Well, there is quite a bit of stuff to carry when venturing out for a ride. Spare tubes, extra layers, snacks, water, and a multi-tool are all pretty common items that are usually brought along. The backpack was a standard option for a lot of riders and for good reason, they have a ton of space. Anyone who has ridden with a backpack knows how hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable they can be. To the point that many choose to ride without a backpack at all, risking being unprepared for the price of comfort. The fanny pack briges the gap between carrying nothing and wearing a backpack.

What Are The Benefits Of A Fanny Pack?

There are many reasons to jump on the fanny pack train, but the top benefits are comfort, utility, and performance. Wearing a fanny pack will shift the weight off of your back and shoulders down to your hips. The lower center of gravity helps with balance on your bike and will help keep your back from getting fatigued. One of the big downsides of wearing a backpack is how sweaty things get on your back. We will say that there has been major improvements in backpack ventilation, but having said that, it is really hard to beat having nothing on your back. With a fanny pack you get of the benefits of carrying stuff without the discomfort or sweatiness.

Should I Ride With A Fanny Pack?

Depending on how much you normally bring on a ride, wearing a fanny pack might be a great option. This is especially if you have a Specialized SWAT Door, but if your bike can’t store a Chipotle burrito in your downtube, fear not. There are plenty of options for on bike storage that you can purchase after market and they won’t break the bank. The EDC Lite Tool from OneUp, the Lezyne Bar End Kit, or a simple frame strap are all examples of ways to stash stuff directly on your bike. Wait, I thought this article was about fanny packs? The more stuff you can get on your bike, the less you need to carry, and the more viable a fanny pack becomes.

Get A Fanny Pack

We can’t deny that riding with nothing on your body, other than clothes, pads, and a helmet, feels amazing. As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry, so it’s probably worth bringing along that spare tube or extra layer on your ride. With the widespread ability to stash more and more things on your bike, a fanny back is more than enough to carry everything you need.

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