Specialized Riprock | The Ultimate MTB for Kids

The Specialized Riprock is by far one of the most popular kids mountain bikes we sell at Peak Cycles. It was introduced to the Specialized lineup in 2018, comes in 20-inch and 24-inch wheel sizes, and is geared for kids ages 5 through 12. What makes the Riprock different from other kids mountain bikes are the big beefy 2.8-inch tires which give plenty of traction and an added level of cushion to the ride. 

Specialized designed the frame to have a very low standover height. This makes it easy for kids to put their feet on the ground! Mountain bikes for kids have traditionally been heavy and hard for kids to ride. The Specialized Riprock changes the game by tailoring the bike with younger riders in mind! 

Just like the rest of the Specialized lineup, there is no boys or girls version. The Riprock is designed to work for everyone and it comes in some sweet colorways, too. The 20-inch version is great for kids 5-9 years old who are just under 4 feet tall. The 24-inch version will work for kids 8-12 years old over 4 feet tall. 

The Riprock comes loaded with features found on most adult mountain bikes. Hydraulic disk brakes give added safety and more breaking power than traditional rim brakes. They make it easier to squeeze the brakes and will cause less fatigue. This means more riding! Many of the components including the saddle, handlebars, and cranks were engineered specifically for kids. The reason was to make the bike more comfortable and let kids progress faster with more confidence. 

We have several Riprock models in stock at Peak Cycles but they are also available on Bikeparts.com! Come on in and check them out for yourself.

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