Turbo Vado SL | E-Bike

The Specialized Turb Vado SL is one of our favorite e-bikes on the market today. It’s ideal for everyday commuting, grocery runs, getting around town, and weekend adventures. The number one question we get about e-bikes is the range. With the range extender, the Turbo Vado SL gets up to 120 miles! 

Key Features

The Turbo Vado SL comes with all the bells and whistles. This includes built-in lights, a handlebar-mounted computer, and an integrated battery that keeps the weight low on the bike. Are there cheaper e-bikes out there? Sure! But buying from a trusted brand like Specialized, you get decades of bike manufacturing experience and refinement that are hard to find with other brands. 

  • Fully integrated and secure Specialized 320Wh downtube battery w/optional Range Extender compatibility for up to 120 miles of range.
  • Specialized SL 1.1 custom lightweight motor, peak 240W / 35Nm, 2x you rider amplification (180% assistance), assist up to 28mph.
  • Premium lightweight E5 Aluminum frame.
  • Clean internal cable routing, fender/rack mounts, and reflective graphics.
  • Premium hydraulic disc brakes for maximum stopping power.
  • Bright, integrated front and rear lighting to see and be seen.
  • 10-speed Shimano Deore shifting for reliable performance for the long haul.
  • Durable, lightweight alloy wheels paired with fast-rolling, high-grip, Specialized Pathfinder 38c tires, featuring proprietary Gripton rubber compound, are as good on gravel as they are on pavement.

Our Take

The Turbo Vado SL would make a great option for someone looking to get one of the lightest e bikes available. It’s about 40% lighter than the average e-bike, which means loading it onto the bike rack is much easier! The added benefit of the range extender makes this bike a no-brainer in the range category too. If we had our pick, the SL 4.0 EQ with built-in fenders and rear rack would be our go-to!

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