The New Turbo Levo Gen 3

The Ultimate E Mountain Bike

Over the past few years, the interest in E-Bikes has been surging like crazy. While the majority of these have been designed for commuting or getting around town, there has been a huge innovation in E Mountain Bikes. Specialized has been leading the charge in terms of style and performance with their E Mountain bike, the Turbo Levo. This Levo falls comfortably into the category of a trail bike and can handle a wide variety of terrain and conditions. Specialized also offers a burly long travel model called the Kenevo!


The latest Specialized Levo is looking slimmer and more convincing than any model before it. With an improved battery and motor, you can expect more power and a longer battery life. This will keep you on the trail all day long, up to 4 or 5 hours according to Specialized. The Gen 3 Levo has 565 watts of peak power and 90 Nm of torque, which sounds like a lot to us!


Many of the new Specialized mountain bikes are running off S-Sizing. This allows the rider to choose a bike that suits their riding style, rather than their height. Someone who is 5’8″ could fit on an S1 for a quick and responsive ride or an S3 for a fast and planted ride. According to Specialized, “S-Sizing is based on what matters—rider size and style, not inseam. Six sizes, all with similar head tube lengths and standover, allow you to choose the size that best suits your individual style. Smaller S-Size numbers are going to be nimble, with their shorter reach and front-center measurement, while larger S-Sizes deliver more stability and a roomier ride.”

Interested in checking out the latest Specialized E Bike Models? Call the shop for the most up to date information on what we have in stock!

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