Dusting Off Your Bike After A Long Winter

After a long Colorado winter and living through a pandemic, we are all excited to be getting outside again. The 70-degree weather in the forecast has us reaching for our bikes and looking for an escape from zoom meetings and being trapped indoors. Our bikes give us the freedom to go miles and miles until our legs, our lungs, or both, won’t let us anymore. For those of us who didn’t use bike trainers during the winter, it might even be the first time we’ve got in the saddle all year. Which is both exciting and painful. Exciting because we’re biking again. Painful because we still need to find a better saddle.

The first ride back usually has a bit of contrast. You were in great biking shape last fall. After a long winter indoors, not so much. “This is harder than I remember,” and “I feel like I used to be faster than this,” are thoughts that might enter the mind. A great athlete once said, “you can’t buy fitness, we’re all just renting it”. Remembering what to wear or what to bring can be a challenge, too. It’s a good reminder of what it feels like to be a “beginner”. Remember that feeling next time you’re getting impatient with someone who is new to biking :]

The start of biking season means a lot of things: the end of ski season, warmer weather, flowers, shorts, spring cleaning, the list goes on. We’re excited about all of it. Whether it’s mountain biking around Table, cruising around Golden with the family, or road biking 100 miles with Dan Dwyer, we hope all of you are ready to get outside and enjoy some time on two wheels. Happy Spring from all of us at Peak Cycles!

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