Everyday Bike Maintenance

Putting a little love into your bike every time you ride will help it go a long way. We recommend taking these steps before and after riding your bike to help keep you on the road or trail with a bike that’s performing in tip-top shape.

Before Your Ride

Pump up those tires! Get them to your desired pressure before each ride. Tubes hold air pretty well but tubeless tires have a knack for losing it. Not sure what tire pressure to use? There are formulas out there like Schwalbe’s Tire Pressure Professor that can help you figure it out. You can also check the sidewall of your tire for the correct pressure range.

After Your Ride

We are believers that lubing your chain after each ride is the way to go. Applying lube before your ride can be a magnet for dirt! Doing it after lets any excess lube dry overnight, which means less dirt and crud clinging to your chain. Taking the time to do this after every ride is the best way to prolong the life of your drivetrain and improve shifting simultaneously. There are three primary categories of lube: wet, dry, and hybrid. Depending on where you live and the type of riding you do will dictate which is the best to use! Check out this older article explaining the difference between the three.

For road bikes, we recommend wiping down any sweat that may accumulate on your bike, especially if you’re using an indoor trainer. The reason being the salt in our sweat will corrode away at our bike over time. For mountain bikes, wiping down the stanchions and dropper post will help prolong the life of the seals and overall performance.

It Adds Up

Taking the extra few minutes to pump up your tires before each ride will help you avoid unnecessary flats, punctures, and other tire mishaps. Keeping your bike lubed up and wiped down will keep it running smoother for longer. We hope you found these tips helpful. As always, you can shop online for all of your bike part needs at www.bikeparts.com!


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