Boost Your Cycling Performance With A Power Meter


Every hour of cycling adds an hour to your life, according to a study at Cambridge University. The benefits of cycling are indisputable; cycling can protect you from heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, some cancers, and even depression.

The next question is how to make the most of your cycling experience. Many people use nutrition and supplements to give their bodies extra power to muscle up a hill or go that extra mile. Yet, have you considered using a power meter to boost your cycling performance? 

According to the post, The Power of Power Meters, power meters help monitor your workouts, adds context to your heart rate data, and helps dial in your nutrition. Sounds good enough but why train with power?  
It’s all about “balancing how much work you do with your body’s response.” It’s the best way to measure work and intensity, as in, Power (watts) = Torque (how hard you pedal) x Cadence (how fast you pedal).  “Doing too much work means injury and overtraining risk. Too little means you’re not getting the maximum benefits you want. When power is measured your training becomes that much more effective.”  At Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we’ve found the benefits of training with power include:

•Establishing your baseline fitness

•Accurately measuring even the smallest fitness gains

•Quantifying intensity, duration, and frequency – instead of guessing

•Prevention of overtraining

•Accurately measuring energy use for nutrition planning

•Proper pacing for time trials 

Overall, if you’ve been looking to get faster on the bike, then most likely you have explored cycling training tools, as in heart rate monitors and the like. No doubt, today’s technology provides instant biofeedback and structure to workouts.  And over time, this aggregated training data offers visibility to your training program and progress.

The ultimate goal of using training tools is to get faster, stronger, fitter, and optimize athletic performance. If you haven’t already, now is the time to invest in the tools that will help you the most. Our suggestions? Consider investing in a power meter. The right training tools will keep you motivated through the pandemic and into the next season.  

With so many bike parts and cycling accessories available, choosing the power meter for your training and fitness goals is important. Fortunately, we can answer all the questions you might have on which power meter fits your fitness needs or budget. Stop by or call Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, Colorado to dial in your specific needs.

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