Dan Dwyer- The 2020 Roubaix and road to 100,000 miles


Q: Three words to describe your brand new 2020 Roubaix?
A: Fast, Comfortable, and Efficient

Q: How many total miles have you put on your old Roubaix? Why the switch now as opposed to last year?
A: 70K +. I knew the remodeled Roubaix was coming out with the new SRAM AXS 12 Speed, and I also wanted Disc Brakes this time around- the new bike is more aero, and not bad looking either. The 2013 Roubaix will still be in the stable and ridden.

Q: In addition to the Roubaix, we’ve seen you on your Diverge. Are the rumors that you’ll be selling that true? How come?
A: It’s a real possibility, pending what size tire I can put on the new Roubaix.

Q: How many centuries have you done, that are accounted for?
A: Fewer than 50 until 1,000 centuries!

Q: What’s the most memorable single day bike ride you’ve done?

A: There are many for different reasons- weather, speed, company. If I had to pick one I would say the West Elk Classic out of Gunnison, Colorado, but then there is the Denver-Aspen ride that was pretty cool as well.

Q: How long have you been doing centuries every week?
A: Two Centuries a week for the last 12 years weather permitting, but many before.

Q: Why don’t you like whip cream on your Hot Chocolate?
A: I don’t know why, just started drinking it that way many years ago. If I had to guess I probably thought back then that it was unneeded calories- LOL!

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