Sitting down with George Mullen- The Bike Fitter


George Mullen
George has 19 years of fitting experience and has completed thousands of fits. He has completed Serotta Elements™ and Serotta Advanced Fit™ courses as well as Specialized™ BG fit school. What makes George unique  is simple – experience.  The time spent fitting people over the past two decades is what makes George a true fit specialist. He has the experience, the tools and the advanced training to handle any fit scenario.


Q: Who needs a bike fit?

A: “I hear the phrase ‘I’m not a pro, or ” I don’t race”, so I don’t need a bike fit’ fairly frequently. Truth is, you don’t have to be a pro to have a bike that fits you properly. Bikes aren’t supposed to hurt- most of the time, shoulder, neck, and back pain can be solved (or at least mitigated) with a professional fit”.

Q: How to you “fit” somebody to a bike?

A: “Feet, seat, and the handlebars. While the frames leave little room for adjustment, your contact points are what matter when it comes to a proper fit. It’s amazing what a centimeter fore or aft can do for saddle position.

Q: How has the fitting process changed over the last two decades?

A: The Evolution of Bicycle fitting, like anything else, has become much more specific and detailed. Everything from saddles and shoes, to frame geometries and bicycle types, give us the ability to accommodate many more people”.

Q: What’s your favorite local ride?

A: “The Grapevine Road ascent, off of Bear Creek Canyon”

Q: Scariest cycling moment?

A: “My rear tire blew out while descending the lower switchbacks on Lookout Mountain. Skidded all the way to the guardrail, and nearly went over”.

Q: Best cup of coffee in Golden?

A: “Cafe 13. Light roast, ‘Lots of cream, lots of sugar'”.

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