Tour de France Bike Parts and Gear Round Up

The 2018 Tour de France is near completion.  And while the GC battle is still to be decided, this year’s Tour riders will have covered over 21 stages, 3,351km including 25 major climbs as well as individual and team time trials before racing concludes on 29 July. Part of what makes all that riding doable are the bike parts, cycling accessories, and support available to these riders.  So what’s new in 2018? 

So much has been written on the latest road bikes, cycling gear, and cycling apparel that we decided to round it all up for you. Whether you are looking to learn about electronic shifting, disc brakes, custom paint, and never before seen bikes, these post have it all.  So, here you go! Read and click! 

Reading about the latest and greatest bike parts and gear is great but how is that relevant to your riding and pocket book?  We all know we don’t have the financial support and resources pro riders do – so that is where come in.  The next time you are watching a stage in the Tour de France and you find yourself inspired by the gear and the bikes, head over to, we offer a huge selection of road bike parts, mountain bike parts, BMX bike parts and more. If you need it for your bike, then we have it! Because we sell our bicycle parts online, we are able to help customers all over the world.  Now, the gear you see in the Tour is right at your fingertips! 

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