Get Ready! Saturday is Take a Kid Mountain Biking at Valmont Bike Park

Team Bike Parts. com

If celebrating Father’s Day this weekend wasn’t a special enough occasion, adding take a kid mountain biking at Valmont Park makes it extra special. Cycling Mom and Dad’s have a chance to share their love of the sport with their kids in the 6th annual bike festival that will feature family-friendly activities.  Anyone up for short track races? A rock climbing wall? Face painting? And, other bike related activities? Sounds like a great way to kick start a super charged fun weekend to celebrate Father’s Day. 

To make the most of the weekend, we have some tips to help you to encourage your kids to ride bikes. 

This is a no brainer, but often overlooked – have the right bike! This means having a bike that fits. If purchasing a new toddler or youth bike, make sure you avoid the common mistake of buying a bike that they’ll “grow into.” Doing so can set your child back a couple of years. When shopping, be aware that children’s bikes are measured by their wheel size (not frame size). The right size is one where your child can comfortably get on the bike and stand with his or her feet on the ground. If you have questions on the right size bike for your child, visit our staff at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop. We’re happy to help answer all the questions you may have.

We can also help you to have peace of mind with your child riding by sharing info and tips to keep them safe.  Bike maintenance is the first thing that comes to mind. We can service your child’s bike to make sure it is in good working condition. Or, if you want to do the bike maintenance yourself, we have the bicycling tools to help you do that. Safety also means preparing ahead for the weekend – it is going to be hot!  Have waternutritional items and food available. Remember to have sunscreen in case you are out longer than expected. 

Now for the good stuff – dress for the part! Kids love clothes, gear, and bike parts too! Dress your kids for cycling success. Investing in a well fitting helmet, along with a jersey, cycling shorts, and a good pair of gloves inspires your kids and affects enjoyment levels and performance. If your child is comfortable, they are going to want to ride. Did you know that Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, CO has a wide variety of kids cycling apparel?  We have bike parts and cycling accessories that includes windbreakers, gloves, shorts, jersey’s, chamois, pedals, hats, backpacks, and bikes that kids love.  

Stop by the shop or visit us online at to pick up some bike parts or cycling accessories for a fun weekend at Valmont.  And, while you’re at it, you might as well pick up a few Father’s Day gifts too! 

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