Regaining Cycling Fitness for the 2018 Season

Peak Cycles / Team Rider on a Spring training ride

Whether you are planning to ride a century, multi-day rides, race or aspire to longer or more frequent rides in 2018, getting a head start to your early season training sets the stage for a successful year ahead.

But what do you do if you are late to the game and missing rides? What is you are not getting the long rides in that you need to build endurance and fitness? Fear not! You are not alone. Many cyclist struggle early season as the weather isn’t always cooperative or they just don’t have the cycling mindset yet. There’s no reason to beat yourself up with guilt – just get with the plan and work the plan.

The post, Making up For Lost Training Time, suggest to focus on what you can control and let go of things beyond your control. What can you control? The intensity, duration, and consistencies of your workouts. You can also control the elements surrounding your training, as in, your bike parts, bike functioning, and being well prepared nutritionally to get the best out of your workouts.  You can also focus your efforts on training with power and heart rate. Both play a key role in training and you can use both to target weaknesses and strengths.

You may want to reconsider your goals or adjust them somewhat. If you’ve been inconsistent in getting your miles in, the trick is consistency. According to the post, Nine Golden Rules for Training, consistency is key. That means consistently training but also, consistently racing builds fitness too. Consistency in racing builds all kinds of fitness: mental, physical, and psychological fitness. If you are late to the game with your 2018 training, don’t shy away from your event or race plans; consider re-adjusting your goals and expectations so you can build from the effort and experience.

Finally, give yourself a break and ease into the season. The post, Why It’s Cool To Be Slow in the Spring tells us it is okay to be slower. “The short answer—so long as you have a normal base level of fitness—is about eight weeks before you want to be fast.”

So, take your time. Ease into spring. Enjoy quality training now that paves the way for a long, healthy, and enjoyable cycling season.

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