Slow Down Now to Go Fast Later This Cycling Season

No matter how fast you go, you want to ride your bike faster.  Don’t you?  While recreational cyclists are often happy just to get out and enjoy the fresh air, exercise and scenery, almost every cycling enthusiast is always trying to go faster on their bike

Now that the temperature is getting warmer, the days are growing longer, and the weather is improving, Colorado cyclists are beckoned to ride their bikes. While some may have trained through the winter months, many have not.  And the alluring call of gorgeous spring days lures many unprepared cyclist to ride too hard, too fast which can lead to injuries or a set back in the 2017 cycling season.

It may seem counter intuitive to a cyclist, but it is okay to go slow.  

According to the post, Why It’s Cool To Be Slow in the Spring, unless you have a very early season event you were hoping to be in peak condition for, then basically, it’s okay to be a little slower right now.  

At Peak Cycles, we suggest taking the subjective aspect out of your cycling performance evaluation.  How you feel may vary differently from your actual performance. With that in mind, we have cycling accessories to help you get precise bio feedback to remove the guess work out of your training – specifically power meters and /or heart rate monitors. Our post, The Best Training Aids to Launch into Spring Cycling, dives into the benefits of training with power.

You may also want to check out our post, Heart Rate Training – What You Need to Know for our staff picks at Peak Cycles Bike Shop.  You can also learn steps in discovering your “threshold” heart rate range, setting up heart rate training zones, and identifying the daily variables that affect heart rate.  Theses bike parts and cycling accessories put the power of data in your hands so you don’t have to feel slow and can actually track your progress as your fitness improves. 

But, when is it okay to be a little slow on the bike and when is it time to worry about turning that slow into go? Again, the post Why It’s Cool To Be Slow in the Spring tells us, “The short answer—so long as you have a normal base level of fitness—is about eight weeks before you want to be fast.”

So, take your time. Ease into spring. Enjoy quality training now that paves the way for a long, healthy, and enjoyable cycling season.

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