4 Cycling Experience Gifts Worth Giving  

Demo a Fat Bike at BikeParts.com

Demo a Fat Bike at BikeParts.com

Many holiday shoppers are looking to gift a different type of gift this year.  Moving from purchasing products to gifting experiences.  But what does that mean for the shopper who’s favorite cyclist has everything?  it means, instead of purchasing more cycling apparel and cycling accessories, purchase gifts that offer an experience.  When you think about it, bike riding is a joyous adventure in and of itself. Following are our favorite cycling experiential gifts worth giving.  

Gift a Bike fit.  Does your cyclist complain of hands falling asleep while riding? Or shoulder or neck pain after a long ride? A bike fit isn’t just for professional riders – they are for anyone who rides whether they are a beginner or advanced rider. A bike fit helps ensure riding comfort but it also impacts technique which is crucial to preventing overuse injuries and how an athlete rides. Consider the gift of giving your favorite cyclist a bike fit for Christmas. This will aid your cyclist in pain free and enjoyable riding all year long.  The bonus on this is that , not only can we help them with the fit, but we carry all the bike parts required to get the bike in the very best setup for their riding needs.  Give us a call (303) 216-1616 or stop by the shop in Golden to schedule your bike fit.

Demo a fat bike!  That’s right! Fat bikes are all the rage – they thrive in snow, sand, desert, bogs and mud as well as riding what is considered normal mountain biking.  In fact, fat bikes are the fastest growing segment in the bike industry.  Book a fat bike demo for your favorite cyclist that will up the giggle factor to their normal winter riding program.  Who can’t smile while riding a fat bike?

Power Up! Is your cyclist a data junkie?  Then, this is the ideal gift for your favorite cyclist!  The main idea behind using cycling training tools is to dial in training to optimize performance as it relates to specific goals and objectives. Our post, The Best Training Aids to Launch into Spring Cycling, dives into the benefits of training with power. As for which power meter to purchase, consider our most popular one, Stages Power Meters, beginning at $1000. Stages Power meter is the lightest, smallest, most technologically advanced unit available today.  Another option is the Pioneer Power Meter offered at $2000 and is a bit more sophisticated.  A third option is a company that’s been around for a while now – PowerTap Power Meter.  Using power data elevates the cycling experience offering new challenges unavailable without one.

Relax and Recover.  Many cyclist push themselves relentlessly without a break or even listening to their bodies until their bodies are injured.  Gift an experience of relaxation.  Consider a gift certificate for a message or a yoga class.  Another option is the ongoing gift of recovery using compression. Medical compression stockings have been used to treat poor blood flow for many years.  Recently, the technology has been made available to cyclist of all levels.  While the many claim it is difficult to prove that an immediate performance gain from wearing compression garments, many do claim that it lowers perceived muscle soreness the day after a big day on the bike and they can reduce the swelling of legs after prolonged sitting.

Finally, if all else fails, gift your cyclist with bike parts! Experimenting with new cycling accessories and parts has a way of increasing the enjoyment felt when riding a bike. So, indulge this holiday season and give a gift that keeps on giving! 

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