Make the Most of Fall Riding with These Colorado Cycling Events 

As we transition from summer to fall, the Colorado mountain colors are beginning to explode into a vibrant mix of autumn hues. The hot, summer days are replaced with cooler temperatures making riding even that more enjoyable.  What better way to enjoy the brisk temperatures and vibrant colors of the leaves turning than from the view of mountain bike or road bike?

However, not all cyclist are motivated to ride in the fall.  As we mentioned last week in our post, Fall Isn’t End of Season – It’s the Beginning of Next Season. Here’s Why , Fall is actually the best time to transition from peak cycling form to a relaxed one.  Doing so doesn’t include missing rides.  It means shifting your mindset to embrace fall cycling while actually boosting your cycling performance for next year. 

You can make the most of fall riding easily in Colorado because there are so many options available to you.  Consider adding one or more of these cycling events to your October schedule.  You’ll enjoy the added bonus of maintaining fitness through the Fall and even building it well into the winter months.

Road cycling10/9 Ride of the Ancients

Mountain bike10 /8 12 Hours of Penitence MTB Race

Cyclocross races

10/15 – 10/16 US Open of Cyclocross

10/23 Shimano CX Series

10/30 Shimano CX Series

It’s important to note, that as you make the transition from summer to fall to winter riding safely, it’s wise to make sure that your bike is working and that you have the proper cycling apparel to keep you warm and also motivated to ride in the cooler temps.  

Just as much as your body has taken a toll from training stress over the season, so has your bike!  At Peak Cycles Bicycle shop, we recommend getting a tune-up and replacing workout bike parts.  The summer rush has slowed a bit and we have service slots available. Call 303-216-1616 for an appointment. See you soon! 

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