Cyclocross In Colorado Kicking Off the Fall Season



While the cross country mountain bike  and road bike race seasons may be winding down, the cyclocross race season is just starting.  After finishing a full cycling season, you might wonder – why continue racing?

Cyclocross is a wonderful way for road cyclists and mountain bikers to extend their competitive seasons and get a head-start on training for next season. The intensity of cyclocross racing provides a training stimulus that’s very difficult to replicate with standard interval training during the fall and winter, especially as the temperatures fall and athletes turn primarily to indoor cycling.  When you think of it, the fall season is a great time for experimentation.  It can be a great opportunity to get test out new bike parts or even a new cyclocross bike.  

If you are new to cyclocross, check out our cyclocross bikes online at  Equipment choices matter! Dial in the best bike parts and and tire choice.  While bike setup and having the right cyclocross bicycle parts matters, one of the most important parts of all is tire selection and their pressure.  

So, as the cyclocross season approaches, what do you need to know?  A lot! Whether you’re a seasoned cyclocross racer or a newbie, now is the time to dial in your bike parts and begin planning your season  using goals, monthly progressions, and setting a weekly schedule. For those athletes who want to focus their efforts and manage their time, a good plan is to structure your races and cyclocross training week

Join in the cyclocross fun!  Following are races along the Front Range for September: 

Cyclocross is a sport meant to be fun, otherwise, there wouldn’t be beer handoffs, money pits, crowds heckling the pros, or pros heckling the crowd. Unless you’re aiming for World Cup titles, there’s no reason to take this sport too seriously. Train, race hard, but above all, remember that it’s supposed to be fun…and don’t forget your cowbell! 

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  1. […] the best bike parts and and tire choice.  Finally, register for an upcoming cross race!  Click here for a list of races along the Front Range for September.  Bring on the cowbell […]

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