Keep Your Motivation High with Fall Racing in Colorado Team Rider taking 4th at Soggy Bottom 100At the beginning of the race season, enthusiasm and energy is high!  About the mid-season point, accumulated season fatigue catches up with most racers. Recovery rate from workouts and from races slows down and finally, by the end of the season, some find their motivation waning.  As the racing season seems to be getting longer and longer, what are the ways to maintain motivation and also – capture added gains towards next year’s goals?  Keep riding, of course! 

Previously, we blogged about how to finish the season strong and suggested bucket list rides through August of 2016.  Now that the road and mountain bike cycling season is nearing its end, it’s time to rally! Dig deep! Celebrate the end of the season with a final push.  Then, make the transition to the fall season having no regrets.  

The key to late season racing and bike events is really to have fun! Earlier in the season, the focus is on improving fitness or achieving goals.  Now is the time to enjoy the gains of your hard work.  With fitness levels high, late season bike events offer a chance to experiment with race strategies and new cycling accessories.  If experimentation isn’t your thing, then at least replace worn out bike parts or catch deals on bike close outsbike parts and components.  Having a fun, relaxed attitude combined with a celebratory bike event is a great way to finish your season.  Here are the bike races and events on tap through October, 2016. 

Road Bike Races and Events in Colorado 

Mountain Bike Races and Events in Colorado 

Late season races should be fun. If you love what you are doing and are having fun with it, then you are setting yourself up for more good stuff to come in the following season…or cyclocross!  Stay tuned for our cyclocross post by following us on Twitter and connecting on Facebook

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